23 april


1st day today and we are all up by 8.00 and already enjoying a breakfast of champions at the Production Offices of Jurgen Bruning at Hauptstr.26, Str. An incredibly spacious floor with studio, kitchen( where many excellent chefs work), offices and a plethora of people coming and going. On this floor there is also the best German gay porn company Wurstfilm, the production company for gay movies Heinz und Horst and many others. The languages one can hear here are German, English and French since there are many artists from Paris and America working on this film. Every now and then you can hear the occasional Greek word “malakas”( conard, wixer, jerk) from me when something isn’t going right.

Today is a sunny day and it is simply marvelous outside. At 9 o’ clock sharp we were opposite the Uban KleistPark where we started shooting. For the first time I saw the main star of movie, a beautiful zombie, and along with me everyone who was going about their business on this busy street saw him as well. Little children, grannies and a multitude of people, knowing it was a movie shoot were staring at this zombie in the middle of the city walking about its streets. Pictures of Otto with the passerbys you can see by clicking here. After a 2hour lunch break at the offices we found ourselves at a very “rich”-it seemed to me- graveyard with fancy gravestones and someone living near there on his balcony playing his music way too loud which delayed shooting until he turned it off. We had all met the previous day but during the shooting we got to know each other much better and this is the way that I’m going to be introducing them to you. Just click on the photographs so you can see them larger and to read from which scene is each.

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